Having once earned a living as a semi-pro singer and guitarist, music is still a big part of my life. I regularly play in my home city of Chester at open mic nights and on the streets as a busker and most Mondays on the piano at St Pancras International, for a bit of practice and a bit of fun!

1525772_607527629379168_87303084445144926_nMy range is wide and diverse, with my repertoire packed with everything from Rat Pack swing to rhythm ‘n’ blues, indie rock and ballad pop tunes. With 90 years worth of music in my arsenal, I’m happy, willing and eager to cater to which ever taste is required from me.

Artists from Robbie Williams to Chris Rea, Coldplay to Stereophonics, Ed Sheeran to Michael Jackson, The Beatles to The Who and more feature in my setlist, as well as the 100+ songs I have written myself.